Iron Condor Education Resources

Great, you know how to trade Options! You've already come a long way in your education, but you might not be satisfied with your trading performance and you're looking for that extra edge to get you "over the hump" to consistent profitability. You've come to the right place; this is our specialty. The concepts that we teach can be used on most any Options strategy but are specifically applicable to the Iron Condor.

We offer the following educational resources for learning how to trade the Iron Condor:

  • Free OptionsLinebacker Report- This report gives some background from a high level on what the Iron Condor trade is, available from the "Free Stuff" tab on this website.
  • OptionsLinebacker Iron Condor Trading Guide- The 33 page Trading Guide, available through the "Products" tab on this website. This is a PDF file which is emailed to you after your order is received. This is a step-by-step guide that shows how we enter, defend, and exit Iron Condor trades.
  • OptionsLinebacker Video Coaching- 24 chapters of flash video instruction, which details trade entries, defenses, exits, how to formulate an Iron Condor trading plan, plus how to build up the confidence and "earn the right" to make your first trades. This is available through the "Products" tab of the website.
  • OptionsLinebacker Daily Newsletter- Our capstone service, which details Market Analysis,Offense strategies, Defensive Analysis, Intraday Trade Updates, Subscriber Question of the Day, Swing Trades, and insightful commentary 5x a week. This is available via the "Products" tab on this website.