Iron Condor Personal Coaching

Learn the discipline of profitability

$899 for six hours+ of one-on-one instruction, plus a free one hour assessment!

We have pulled together proven concepts from the last hundred years of trading, disciplines from the brightest minds in trading psychology, and effective Index Trading Strategies to present a unique, targeted program tailored exclusively to your needs. It's not just training on how to set up our trades - it's a commitment to profitability!

OptionsLinebacker Coaching utilizes GoToMeeting webinar technology so that we can share our desktop with our students, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the sessions!

What you get with our Coaching Program:

A free one hour assessment of the student's skill sets

Six one-hour+ telephone/webinar coaching sessions, covering:

  • A Goal Review with the student
  • Introduction to profitability concepts and "Beating the Market"
  • Instruction on how to enter credit spreads with index-based options
  • Instruction on how to maintain, defend, and exit credit spreads
  • Instruction on attaining the mental outlook necessary for trading
  • Instruction on money management for index credit spreads
  • Instruction on how to evaluate trading results and make adjustments
  • Construction of a personalized Trading System for the student

We call YOU and we provide the GoToMeeting connection!

Sessions will be constructed specifically for each student.

Money Back Guarantee!

We stand behind our service. We start by scheduling a free one hour personal assessment with one of the Linebackers. We want to really understand where you are in your trading, and how we can help you. If we believe that we can help you, we'll lay out our program for you at the end of the call.

You are under no obligation to accept. Calls are on our dime.

If you sign up for the coaching, if after the completion of the 2nd hour of the program you are not absolutely satisfied with the quality and applicability of the coaching, you may request a full refund.

OptionsLinebacker strives to provide the absolute best educational experience for our clients, at an outrageously affordable price.

For more information or to schedule your free assessment, email us at coaching at

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"It's not whether you get knocked down. It's whether you get back up again."

Vince Lombardi