Apply Precision and Probability to Your Trading for Profits!

If you’ve been following the OptionsLinebacker newsletter for any length of time, you’ll see the editor
refer to current positions with terminology such as “XXX is 50 points out of the money with a 92%
probability of success”. These numbers are actually calculated by manipulating the Black-Scholes
options pricing formula to extract probability for winning your trade.

Think about it - before you place your trade, wouldn't you want to know what the
Market thinks about
your chances of winning the trade?

OptionsLinebacker takes the work (and the math!) out of this challenge by providing you a simple, easy-
to-use Microsoft Excel file. All you need to do is enter a few easy-to-find values and the
Probability Calculator
does the rest!

Each order comes with the Options Probability Calculator spreadsheet, plus the "Options Probability
Calculator Trading Guide" showing simple examples of how to set up and use this valuable tool.
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