Recommended Books

OptionsLinebacker recommends the following books to assist with your Trading education:
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  • Options Made Easy - Guy Cohen's book does a great job illustrating how strategies like Credit Spreads really work.
    Highly Recommended!
  • Trading In The Zone - Mark Douglas' book will bring out some very revealing facts about yourself that will have you
    nodding your head, and he wraps it up nicely with some great advice.
  • Come Into my Trading Room - This is the second of Alexander Elder's "trading for a Living" series, and I think it's much
    better than his first.
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - T. Harv Eker shows you how wealthy people think differently from the poor. A must-
    read if you intend to be successful in this business!
  • Five Major Pieces - Jim Rohn packs more pounds per square inch inside this little book than anything else you're likely
    to read today. Just a great read and very inspiring.
  • New Market Wizards - I learn something about the business of trading every time I read this book. A very easy,
    absorbing read that's full of advice.
  • High Probability Trading - A very pragmatic book about stacking probabilities in your favor. You will not outgrow this
  • Technical Trading Tactics - One of my favorite technical analysis books, John Person writes in a very easy style and is
    a great read.
A Quick Huddle on These Books....