Can You Benefit from the OptionsLinebacker Newsletter Service?

You may benefit from our service if you:

  • Are comfortable with getting rich slowly with consistent, steady profits
  • Don't need the adrenaline rush of watching the Market all day.       
  • Don't have the time to maintain your positions all day
  • Are comfortable with a lack of action and suspense
  • Have a basic understanding of Equity Options
  • Have an account with a good Options broker
  • Have level 4 Options trading approved         

The OptionsLinebacker Newsletter Service is not for everyone.

If you are looking for huge gains and expect Home Run trades with every swing, this may not be the trading
system for you. If making money is boring, so be it!

However, if you have no experience with Index Options yet feel that this might be a useful system, we
recommend that you read our
OptionsLinebacker Trading Guide, as well as the selection of books available at
our "Recommended  Books" tab. If you fit into this category, learn while you trade with us by using a Paper
Trading system. These "virtual trader" systems give you all the realism of a real trade without risking any
capital as you develop your skills.

If you have little experience with Index Options, you might also consider a managed offering through one of  
our partner offerings located

Pardon our bias, but we feel that EVERY portfolio over $10,000 could benefit from this strategy to build a
recurring base of profits. Much like a house foundation, it may not be glamorous, but it has to be strong and
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